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VEIL SS23 is about uncovering waters yet to be charted. Mentally, it’s those residual thoughts that will only sit unless manifestation is forced into process. ‘Taking the veil off’ one could say - to express, expose and propose something unknown. Something you hope can be understood by the ones interested in finding out. This is the second season that Justin Gall proposes his work under his signature name, only becoming more and more personal to the designer. This season taking his collection to an extreme hand laboring, deconstructive planet, where each garment literally becomes his canvas. Whereas in seasons prior, Justin has always included his artwork components via capsules within his collections, but this season is different. This season each and every piece in the SS23 collection is hand painted by the designer with freedom of composition and technique. Continuing with the challenges he sets for himself, while evolving a vision of complexity, character and depth. Actualizing a universe of garments that are spontaneous and uniform at the same time. One of a kind, but also cohesive. Mono-color, yet not repetitive. A clear and divergent risk against industry norms, for the sake of staying true to oneself. Justin has committed himself to not only hand painting all samples, but also each and every production piece as well. Using no automatic machines, no washing, no big industry mass-manufacturing or unnecessary waste. The process is rigorous, detailed and particular, but only needs his hand and experimental brush techniques. The collection looks to channel an irreplicable mix of controlled grit, innovation, deconstruction, utility, comfort, strength and mutation.