[ HYPERCAPSULE ] is a limited edition Pre-Fall capsule collection, offering some of Gall's latest designs in repurposed textiles straight from the GALL Laboratory archives. Once used for an urban workwear concept, these fabrics, 3 in total, have been revived with Gall's signature dispersion wash techniques to add even more character to their already unique qualities. More specifically 2 of the textiles being used are made of heavy-duty 12oz cotton canvas. Both yielding max durability, structure and oddity to each piece involved. They come in both Tarnish-Black and Corrosion-Blue. The 3rd fabric and focal point is a double-dispersion washed nylon, coming in Hyper-Coral-Orange. This textile not only has an extremely vibrant color saturation, but is also water-repellent and texture forged.

All HYPERCAPSULE pieces come in all 3 repurposed textiles in their respective colors. Each item is also finished with a limited and contrasting red label, rather than the traditional black label most are accustomed to.