[ NYDIA ] is a name which means home, nest, safe place. Not only considering the obvious moment we are currently living, forced in most cases to stay in our homes, nullifying our prior routines, Nydia speaks about an inner domain— a private self-planet where all the elements, even when in contrast, need to work together. It’s within this area where we fight the biggest battles, struggling against our demons, our weaknesses, fears and anxiety; but only up until the point where we can face these parts of ourselves, confront them and in a deep way accept them to then evolve with them. Nydia is dedicated to ones personal realm. A vital, intimate, sacred element of our being to take care of. Within the collection: You will find brand new pieces and evolutions including increased modularity and adjustability. An arsenal of tailored blazers and long trenches with padded shoulders, asymmetric necklines and invisible closures. Galls latest abstract artwork, which goes through its typical process of being digitally printed onto textile to then be hand-sprayed with matte black paint to add depth and rigidity. A color palette that ventures from the deepest of blacks to whitest of whites and earth tones in-between, oversized vests and plenty of modular face coverage (as usual) throughout. Trousers that separate at the thigh and lower leg give the wearer choices. Tight fitting undergear with exaggerated sleeve lengths, overlapping collars and integrated balaclavas supply options of snug layering built for the future. Pieces included are: Recycle-filled down jackets, parkas and vests. Long-length trench coats and tactical parkas, modern pullover jackets with midsection expansion inserts and detachable units, adjustable trousers with leg recoil technicalities and layering details, technical backpacks with charging capabilities and more.