Justin Gall is an American designer and rigid experimentalist who left the United States to establish the foundational roots of GALL back in 2014.

For the past 8 years he's been calibrating and developing from his laboratory in Rome, in constant pursuit of challenging contemporary fashion with courage, difference, quality and innovation. His abilities and vision are derived from a background studying Human Physiology, while independently forming his own design approach and techniques; incorporating technical compositions and art implementations over the years. He merges these particular mediums with an internal magnetism towards imagination and the eventual - a state of mind he became very comfortable with at a young age due to the unstable nature of his childhood. Moving around often with only his mother since the age of 3.


By the age of 18 he had lived in a total of 10 different homes within rural areas of California. At the age of 20, he left his scattered Californian roots behind in pursuit of new environments. A phase of life that found him on the opposite coast, living in parts of New York and New Jersey over the following 8 years.


This feeling of nowhere quite being home is a constant force within the world and works he creates today. Partly dystopic, futurism manifested by imagination, an internal dialog considering the human condition - all encapsulated by an embedded nomadic pursuit and instinct.


Today, he continues to materialize his collections from his laboratory in Rome. Unifying experimental and recycled materials, handmade paint finishes, unique dye processes and divergent design.  Always interlacing an abstract light on our fragilities and the difficult moments we all endure in this life. Harnessing these challenges in hopes of making us stronger, rather than futile, within the present and the future thereafter.